personal training

When we talk about Personal Training it's exactly that; personal. Whether it's fast-track fitness, weight management, sport specific training or injury rehabilitation, our programmes are tailored around you, your lifestyle and your goals. A typical pro-active personal training programme will include:


At this stage there's no obligation, just an informal assessment of your current state of health, your requirements and how we can get you started on achieving your potential.


It's vitally important when designing an effective exercise plan to correctly identify our starting point - this ensures that we start at the right level, and allows us to accurately monitor your progress. So as part of your first full session we will carry out a comprehensive assessment of current health and fitness levels.


Having assessed, measured and observed, it's down to us to design a bespoke plan around you; setting achievable goals via an effective but sustainable exercise programme.


Each one hour personal training session begins with a warm-up followed by your bespoke programme and full cool-down. Your training programme will continually change and evolve to reflect your progress and keep you motivated.


A sound knowledge of nutrition and diet is vital to help in the understanding of better health. At pro-active we go one step further and provide practical solutions to aid better nutrition, from tried and tested everyday recipes to full structured eating plans based on individual tastes and needs.

woman and trainer