why pro-active?


At pro-active we have the experience, knowledge and proven track record to design and implement energising, individually tailored exercise programmes. By employing dynamic training methods and nutrition expertise we can help you get started on the road to better fitness or re-invigorate your current training to help you start feeling really great.


At pro-active we know that your time, energy and money are valuable. We will therefore help bring out the best in you efficiently and effectively.


For us, it's about delivering the results you want. Real results. Getting you to where you want to be through considered exercise and nutrition plans tailored just to you.


We're with you all the way. Helping you safely push yourself during sessions, setting your goals and continually advising you on how to meet them.


As well as using our expertise to advise you on training, at pro-active we'll also give you advice on good nutrition and its practical implementation. From recipes to cooking guidelines, we can give you a better understanding of nutrition and the role it plays alongside an effective exercise programme.

The pro-active approach draws influence from many disciplines. Cardiovascular work, core training, functional strength training and nutrition advice are just a few of the strategies we combine in order to maximise a client’s potential. By working together we can constantly develop and adapt an exercise programme that ensures your goals are reached quickly, safely and efficiently.

And with pro-active, we're not restricted to one location. Whether you’re an individual at home, in the garden, or a group of friends in your local park, we’ll fit in around you. If your programme involves the use of equipment, don't worry, we'll bring it to you. Selecting the appropriate equipment based upon your programme and the space available is all part of the service.

Older man exercising Woman boxing