The ultimate in health and fitness consultancy, pro-active Personal Training programmes are carefully designed around the individual. A comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current fitness levels will form the basis of a carefully tailored solution.


Many of our clients prefer the social and motivational benefits of training in a group. If you’re a group of friends or colleagues looking to exercise together or an individual looking to join an existing session, group training can provide a regularly affordable solution.


Weight-loss and maintenance of a 'healthy weight' can give you an important boost of confidence as well as delivering a real improvement in all-round well-being. At pro-active we can make this a reality by developing your own bespoke training and nutrition plan.


Strategies such as the use of "food and mood" diaries help highlight how individuals react to different foods at different times of the day. It is with tools such as these that pro-active can build an overview of an effective nutrition plan based upon the individual.


Improved functional strength gives a greater ability to complete everyday tasks efficiently and without risk of injury. At pro-active we employ progressive exercise techniques that help mimic the body's normal function, aiding improvement in practical strength and helping raise the body's metabolism.


Whether it's dropping a dress (or suit) size for your wedding, a swimsuit size for the beach or getting in shape for a charity run, if you want to lose weight, get fitter or just feel better by a set time, we can help. Enrol in a pro-active fast-track programme and together we'll reach that goal safely and on time.


The movement of the body is based around it's core and so improving the strength and stability of this core is vital in any effective exercise programme. Therefore most training techniques employed at pro-active incorporate some degree of core stability training. In addition we can concentrate core training to focus on the functional strength and toning of specific areas of the body such as 'bums, tums and thighs'.


Recovering from an injury can often be a challenging process. At pro-active we can help not only in the rehabilitation of strength and function but also in regaining focus on a manageable training programme.


Regular exercise has been shown to be key in effectively managing levels of stress and anxiety as well as boosting serotonin levels thereby improving general wellbeing and happiness. And of course making sure that a solution is sustainable is vital so at pro-active we'll tailor a plan to suit your busy lifestyle.


Maybe your tennis serve needs attention or perhaps your golf swing isn't quite up to scratch. Whatever your sport, by understanding your physiology pro-active can improve the form and function of your body and help fulfil your sporting potential.

Older man exercising Woman boxing Group of girls exercising