weight management & nutrition

'Losing weight' is a common goal among clients and there are real benefits in achieving this. In addition to an all-round improvement in health and wellbeing, losing weight can boost self-confidence and provide the all-important motivation to continue improving fitness.

What exactly constitutes a 'healthy weight'? We are all aware of the often conflicting stories surrounding this subject, but a healthy weight is determined by factors different for each of us. At pro-active we'll help dispel the often unhealthy myths and instead provide safe, effective advice and training methods to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Whatever a client's health and fitness goals, a good nutrition plan plays a vital part in achieving them. At pro-active will help you understand food and how it affects the way we look, move and feel - making it easier to adapt and change your diet.

We understand that tastes and needs differ greatly, therefore with the assistance of a fully qualified chef, pro-active can devise and implement plans that are not only effective but enjoyable, and most importantly, sustainable.

Group of girls exercising